Mini English Muffin Pizzas

As moms, we know that dinner sometimes needs to be quick. Between work and activities with the kids, we don’t have enough hours in the day to make an involved meal every single night. One of the go-tos in our house is homemade pizza. It’s definitely fast, but some nights it’s not fast enough. We need something else to use as a pizza crust. (more…)

Cheesy Pizza Dip

This week at work, we had a pitch-in. Even as I write the word, I can’t keep my eyes from rolling. I love the idea of pitch-ins. Everyone getting together to celebrate a teammate’s accomplishment or birthday and spreading the work among the team members. It’s a beautiful concept. In theory. In actuality, they are stressful. Or, at least I find them to be stressful. The extra planning and remembering are too much for my already overpacked brain. Of course, when it’s all said and done, I’m glad that we do them and always enjoy the extra time spent talking to my coworkers in a space that isn’t about work. It’s a pitch-in conundrum. (more…)