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Cookie Cutter Artwork

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is the abundance of mailers and catalogs in the mail. I’m a window shopper by heart, so when it comes right to my mailbox I’m in heaven. This year while browsing a particularly beautiful Wayfair catalog, I came across a series of four snowflake pictures that I really loved. Of course, like any good window shopper, I knew I wasn’t going to get them. The design was so simple, though, that I decided to turn these pictures into our holiday craft. (more…)

Eggshell Mosaics

Easter weekend has become a busy, busy time. It rivals Christmas in the number of activities that we do and the amount of sweets eaten. The traditions I had as a child have certainly been built upon and expanded. This year was no different. The Easter egg hunt that we attend is put on by a local church and it is amazing. Each year they add something new and exciting. This year, they added a helicopter egg drop. It was so cool, and I think my mom and I were just as, if not more, thrilled with it than the girls. Check out the video on our Instagram. (more…)