Spicy Chimichurri Turkey Burger

Summer is on it’s way! It seems like much too early to say that, but this past weekend boasted temperatures of 60 degrees and that trend is holding strong for the upcoming week. I’ve tried not to get too excited. There is certainly plenty of time for another cold spell or two, but I just can’t help it. The clouds have let the sun through, and it feels amazing! I want to plant the garden, shop for summer clothes, and spend all waking hours outside. I also want fresh summer meals full of flavor. (more…)

Overnight Oats

I’m in love with a new breakfast food. For the past several years, nothing has gotten between me and my Cheerios. I’ve been faithful and true. But there comes that point in every relationship when a bit of excitement is needed. I found it in overnight oats. This little recipe fits all my requirements: healthy, easy, and tasty. But it also has a bonus of variety. Simply by adding different fruits you can get a different taste. Without further ado, meet my new love.


Fruit Kabobs

Never to shy away from adventures that would make most people exhausted just thinking about them, Lesley and I took the girls on vacation to Jellystone Park in Cave City, KY, this past month. It was amazing and packed full of fun times and adventures. One of the those times was making fruit kabobs for the grill. Lesley and I are not huge fans of meat, so we needed to get creative if we were going to try kabobs. Grilled watermelon is all over the place this year, and we were excited to try it. We assembled and grilled. It was interesting how the flavors of both the pineapple and watermelon changed on the grill. Most surprising was the watermelon. It definitely did not taste the way watermelon should. I can see why people like it, but you have to be ready for the difference the grill makes! (more…)