Spicy Chimichurri Turkey Burger

Summer is on it’s way! It seems like much too early to say that, but this past weekend boasted temperatures of 60 degrees and that trend is holding strong for the upcoming week. I’ve tried not to get too excited. There is certainly plenty of time for another cold spell or two, but I just can’t help it. The clouds have let the sun through, and it feels amazing! I want to plant the garden, shop for summer clothes, and spend all waking hours outside. I also want fresh summer meals full of flavor. (more…)

Asian Lentil Burgers

I continue to be impressed with lentils. It really is amazing how they absorb the taste of the various ingredients and spices. Every time I make these burgers, I am sure that it will be a disaster. The kitchen reeks to high heaven of that traditional lentil stench, and the sight is just as pleasing as the smell. But, with each added ingredient, the smell starts to dissipate and the lentils merge into something much more palatable. All with the power-packed nutritional benefit that the lentil offers. Did you know that lentils help your body regulate blood sugar? They do! And they help you maintain a healthy level of cholesterol.

Asian Lentil Burgers

Asian Lentil Burgers



  1. Cook lentils until tender. Drain.
  2. Mash lentils and mix with all ingredients
  3. Form into burgers.
  4. In a skillet, cook lentil burgers with a small amount of vegetable oil or butter to avoid burning. You do NOT want to burn lentils. Very smelly.
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Enjoy! I served mine with a side of rice and dipped the lentil burger in soy sauce. Delicious!

Lentil Burger with Mango Salsa

I’ve been doing a lot of crafts with the girls that involve lentils. Now, I have a kitchen full of unused lentils. Having never been a fan of lentil soup, this is problematic. What can I do with them? I decided to look up the nutritional facts for lentils. I was hoping that they wouldn’t actually be that good for you. Then I could let them sit in my cupboard guilt-free. Of course, it is quite the opposite. One cup of cooked lentils contains 18 grams of protein and 36% of the daily value of iron. That is almost as much protein as a hamburger, with double the iron. Seemed simple to me. I needed to make them into burgers. I am now a reformed lentil disbeliever. It was yummy! Lentils, it turns out, really absorb the flavors and allow them to mix nicely. (more…)

Pepper Steak Hamburgers

Time to give your hamburgers a boost! With the recent warm weather, we have been eating outside daily, or as Riley would call it, having a picnic. Hamburgers are perfect for our “picnics,” but plain ones can get a little boring. I adapted my pepper steak recipe to add some extra flavor, and it turned out oh-so-delicious. (more…)