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10 Invaluable Travel Tips for Single Moms

By Crystal from Make Your Baby Laugh Whether you’re in the process of booking your baby’s first plane flight, or you’re planning a road trip to visit your mom and dad, if you’re seriously considering traveling as a single mom, simply continue reading to discover 10 handy tips that will make traveling with your baby […]

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Top DIY Toy Ideas for Kids

By Nancy Shaw Your baby is actually taking off now, and as you chase the small one down the road, you may miss the golden days when she only studied her legs. Active is a good word to describe children at this age, and they prefer any game or toy that lets them throw their entire selves into […]

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On or Off: It’s Sister Love Either Way

By Kathy Cummins My granddaughters fight. They make each other cry. Still learning social skills at ages four and nearly two, they grab each other’s toys when they feel they have the greater right to them. They yell, shove each other, and occasionally throw punches. A few days ago, however, I observed an unexpected display of […]

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Spotlight: Blooming on a Budget

In the land of motherhood, companions are hard to come by. Making friends is much more challenging than in previous years, mostly due to the limited time you have to spend in social settings. But, we also now live in an age that allows us to be social online, which is exactly where we meet […]

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The Year We Had an Elf

by Elizabeth Stasny These days almost everyone with young children knows about The Elf on the Shelf, but in 2008 when my younger daughter, Margaret, was nine years old and in fourth grade, elves were a fairly new phenomenon. Margaret came home from school one day in early November all excited – her friend Emma […]

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