Everyday Bread

Yes, this bread is pretty ordinary. But, it is bread and homemade, which means it is delicious. There is one downfall. It takes a lot of time. That said, the time it takes is mostly just waiting. The actual time creating it is actually very short. So while it takes most of the afternoon, it will not take up all of your afternoon. Plus, the end result is a house that smells like homemade bread. Yes, please! Since the bread it so ordinary, it is easy to add different flavors to it. I’m getting into the fall mood with my cooking, so I tried to add sage to it. I didn’t add enough for the extra spice to make a huge difference. It’ll need a little experimenting. There is always next week! (more…)

A Mother’s Day Off

Monday began like any other day. I woke up early, took care of the dog, worked, cleaned just enough to make myself feel like I did something, and drank about a gallon of coffee. I went upstairs, finished getting myself ready, picked out clothes for the girls, and then wrangled them into those clothes. We brushed teeth and hair, sang a bit, had a couple minor meltdowns, and eventually made our way downstairs when everyone seemed calm and was smelling decent. On the lower level, they each demanded the normal morning niceties: a new milk sippy, their gummy vitamins, their blankies. Then one by one, we entered the car and drove to school. (more…)

Mothering Multiples

By Sarah from Sarah in the Suburbs

Being a mother of multiples has thrust me into a unique situation. I had my own preconceived notions about what having multiples would be like, but I couldn’t even imagine the comments and questions I would receive from other people about my multiples. You see, my girls don’t look anything alike, nor do they act anything alike. At. All. One twin is very much into princesses, makeup, and ballet. The other twin loves the Avengers and can’t wait to take her first karate class next year. It blows people’s minds that they are not the same person or have the same interests. I, on the other hand, couldn’t be more thrilled to not have carbon copies of the same person. (more…)

Clay-Pressed Leaves

Claf Leaf projectThough I don’t like to admit it, the change of seasons is here. Fall is wiggling its way in, and summer is moving over to make room for it. Right now, I can only think of two things that help me come to terms with having to say goodbye to warm weather: pumpkin spice coffee creamer and fall leaves. Last Saturday morning, the girls and I set out on an adventure to collect the most beautiful fall leaves we could find. Both girls strapped on their backpacks determined to fill them. It was a great field trip from the house. Riley was quick to point out each color that she saw in the fallen leaves, and Maddie was diligent in returning to her backpack hands full of leaves. (more…)

Five Badges of BadAssery

Small BadgesLooking at me, badass isn’t a word that would immediately come to mind. Even knowing me, you still likely wouldn’t use that adjective. I’m a plain-jane mom who lives in a subdivison at the end of a cul-de-sac. I have no visible tattoos, my hair is a mousy brown, and I have very few edges; I’m pretty soft, actually. Even so, I’m a badass. And I wear my badges with pride. (more…)