What Do I Do with My Time Now?

This blog is entirely about growing up. Here we capture the ups, downs, twists, and turns of parenting that all relate to the same topic – our kids growing up. We, as parents, are very aware that our kids are growing and changing. Some days, it feels like they haven’t aged a day since toddlerhood with their meltdowns and demands, but, from year to year, we can see and feel the difference. It’s a journey that feels slow but can creep up on you. This past week, my daughter growing up didn’t creep up on me. It smacked me in the face. (more…)

What My Girls Are Bringing Home From Daycare

Choosing a daycare is an important decision. A lot goes into it. You have to be comfortable with the teachers, the food, the space, and the curriculum. When it comes to the girls’ daycare, I am happy. I feel confident that they will be safe and engaged with activities and learning. In fact, I am given evidence of their engagement and learning on a daily basis. They are sent home with multiple pages of artwork each day, most of which are haphazardly discarded on the floor of the car or torn into tiny pieces before we exit the parking lot. There is one brand of art activity, however, that I cannot discard with the heap. Every so often, daycare will send home a random object cut out of construction paper with my child’s head glued to it in a series I call “What daycare is gluing my kid’s head to today.” (more…)

One-Stop Shopping for Valentine’s Day

This is a sponsored post from UncommonGoods, but the opinions and sheer glee are entirely my own.

It’s February, the love month! Have you gotten valentines for your sweethearts yet? If you’re like me, the answer is a panicky no. How on earth are we supposed to show our deep affection with a gift? It has to represent all that our beloved means to us. Is that even possible? I put a lot of pressure on myself for Valentine’s Day, and Hallmark holiday or no, I want my loved ones to know they are loved. The regular department stores just won’t cut it. I want something different, uncommon. As luck would have it, I found the perfect place to shop: UncommonGoods.


Happy Magical New Year!

As I write this, bubbles float by lazily; princesses in all shapes, colors, and sizes walk by; a magic-dusted castle turns color so gradually that you can’t be sure it really does; I hear at least five different languages being spoken; and my
mom, one sister, my daughter, and I relax and contentedly await a fireworks extravaganza. We are in Disney, folks, and it really is the most magical place on earth.

I’m a firm believer in magic and am testing the theory that what you are doing as the new year awakens is what will be prominent in your life for the coming year. Here’s to hoping our 2017 lives are filled with wonder, imagination, happiness, and of course, magic. And I wish the same for you and your children. Happy new year!

What’s New This Year

There is a story to be told that isn’t one of ours. Stories of success, love, and thriving in what others might think of as a set of unfortunate circumstances. Nurture Her Nature is a pair of single moms doing more than making it work and living our lives to the fullest. Here we share tales of our adventures in motherhood, and offer minimal advice. We share recipes that we’ve enjoyed with our families and activities that we’ve enhanced with reading and a little bit of learning thrown in. We love doing it and we’ll keep doing it.
But, there are still more stories to be told.
This year we hope to have Nurture Her Nature extend beyond ourselves and begin telling the story of single moms. Not the ones of despair and hardship you’ll find all over the internet but the real story of thriving and raising happy, strong families. We’ll feature different single moms, great stories we’ve heard and share some great finds that have been useful for us.  We’re excited to start shedding light on this topic that has been shown so negatively in the past. This section will be found under The Single Mom Life. We hope you enjoy it as well!
Oh, and we’ll also be building out our recipes showing the cost per serving and creating budget-friendly menu plans. Because everyone could use a little more cash building interest in their accounts.
– Nurture Her Nature