The Single Mom Life

The Single Mother’s Guide to Getting Your Car Summer Road-Trip Ready

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Open roadRoad trips are no doubt one of the best parts about summer. The open road. The sunshine. The small towns to explore and new sights to see. It’s a glorious time to get away from the hustle of normal everyday life. Not to mention, if your children are young, the thought of getting on a plane is the stuff nightmares are made of. In the car, your screaming children will be disturbing only you, and you can crank up the tunes to help ride out the tantrums. While the thought of packing up kids into a car can cause a mild anxiety attack for single moms, the fun of the adventure is just too much to miss out on. Once your decision is made to hit the open road, it’s time to prepare the car because moms shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than sibling fights and how to get to the next rest stop in time. (more…)

Good Mothers Ask Great Questions

I’ve recently joined the masses who listen to audio books in the car. It’s not a favorite pastime of mine, but as a single mom, I don’t have much, or any, time to read, and I still do want to further my own knowledge about different subjects. More on audio books at a different time. The particular book that I am listening to now is called Good Leaders Ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell. The premise of the book is great, and as I connect the material to my work, I also cannot help but connect it to my role as a mother. (more…)

YMCA: The Single Mom’s One-Stop-Shop for Healthy Living

We all know that exercise is good for us. And we all know how easy it can be to put off. As single moms, we have the perfect built-in excuse: I have no one to watch my child while I go to the gym. This is a perfectly legitimate excuse, and one that I’ve used myself without any guilt at all. But then I realized that if I have a heart attack or some fatal disease due to lack of exercise and proper care of my body, my daughter will be without me. I certainly couldn’t have that, so I went in search of a solution. I found it in the YMCA.


Creating a Fire Safety Plan with Kids

Last week, my fear of fire was rekindled. A local radio station covered a news story of a two-year-old who had died the night before in a house fire one county over. It was one of those news stories that you want to turn off but the personal connection keeps you listening. The reporter was very matter-of-fact, no fluff built in to elaborate the dramatic side, but still, by the time I pulled into work, I had to wipe away tears. The reporter went on to give a couple of quick fire safety tips, one of them being to check your fire alarms once a week. Wow! Once a week? I thought that you were only supposed to check them once a year. It got me thinking. What else do I not know about fire safety? (more…)

Cleaning Products on a Budget

After my daughter was born, my cleaning routine changed. This happened for several reasons. First, cleaning products are expensive! I am always on a budget, and I resented putting money toward such things. Second, my mom and grandma were helping me with newborn Story, and they showed me a different way of cleaning. Third, the idea of having unknown chemicals so close to my daughter’s skin (on the floor when she started crawling, in the bathtub, etc.) made me break out in hives. She’s a thumbsucker! If she touched the residue of any of those toxic cleaning products, it would immediately find its way into her mouth. So I changed my ways and have been cleaning-product-related-hive-free ever since!