The Single Mom Life

Creating a Fire Safety Plan with Kids

Last week, my fear of fire was rekindled. A local radio station covered a news story of a two-year-old who had died the night before in a house fire one county over. It was one of those news stories that you want to turn off but the personal connection keeps you listening. The reporter was very matter-of-fact, no fluff built in to elaborate the dramatic side, but still, by the time I pulled into work, I had to wipe away tears. The reporter went on to give a couple of quick fire safety tips, one of them being to check your fire alarms once a week. Wow! Once a week? I thought that you were only supposed to check them once a year. It got me thinking. What else do I not know about fire safety? (more…)

Cleaning Products on a Budget

After my daughter was born, my cleaning routine changed. This happened for several reasons. First, cleaning products are expensive! I am always on a budget, and I resented putting money toward such things. Second, my mom and grandma were helping me with newborn Story, and they showed me a different way of cleaning. Third, the idea of having unknown chemicals so close to my daughter’s skin (on the floor when she started crawling, in the bathtub, etc.) made me break out in hives. She’s a thumbsucker! If she touched the residue of any of those toxic cleaning products, it would immediately find its way into her mouth. So I changed my ways and have been cleaning-product-related-hive-free ever since!


Spotlight: Mommy My Way

Nikki is a single mom of one active toddler. If you haven’t been over to her blog, Mommy My WayI would strongly suggest that you head over there and check it out. If you hadn’t guessed from the name, her blog is a space where she shares her mommy way of life. It’s not advice but a perspective on things that have been successful (or not successful) for her. She mommys her way, which, really, is what we should all be doing. We’re big fans. (more…)

The Only Single Mom Book You Should Ever Read

Earlier this month, I found myself at the library without children. This is a rare occurrence. At this point in life, my only trips to the library are to escape dreaded rainy days with the kids to give them an outlet for their energy. Besides, between work and the girls, there just isn’t time to read. Hence, no reason for me to be at a library. But, I have a goal this year, and it is to begin investing. Sure, I have a 529 for the girls and a 401k and IRA for myself, but if I am going to retire early (which is the plan!), I’m going to need to enter the scary world of investing. (more…)

Spotlight: Diary of a New Mommy

Inez is a first-time mom, former children’s pastor, shower singer, makeup hoarder, and daydreamer. She resides in Northern California with her son, where she balances staying home with him, freelance writing, and managing her blog, Diary of a New MommyHers is the type of blog I would have loved to have found starting out as a single mom. Her spirit and easygoing nature can be felt through her posts, which focus on topics that are important to her. You know a woman who made Labor and Delivery nurse gifts is loving life. She is rocking single motherhood and enjoying every minute. (more…)