Recipes for Us


This month’s dinner also happened to be my birthday dinner, so I made one of my favorite dishes: moussaka. I’d considered making it several times before, mostly after devouring the dish in a local restaurant, but never attempted it. It seemed complicated, and I’m not that secure in my cooking skills. Best to leave such things to the professionals. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. So, I tried my hand. (more…)

Palak Paneer with Masala Roasted Cauliflower

Prior to my move to Indiana, I had never had Indian food. It wasn’t that the other places that I lived didn’t offer this option, I just didn’t really know what it was. If you don’t know what something is, it’s hard to make the choice to try it. Lesley loves Indian food and has forced me, I mean, invited me to join her at two different Indian restaurants in town. I was pleasantly surprised with both, but my favorite trip came when Lesley was publishing her book Clancy and the Search for the Mashed Potato (more…)

Lime Chicken Linguine and Cheesecake Bites

Our dinner in February was special to me because I hadn’t seen Ali and the girls for what felt like forever. You know how sometimes life determines your schedule without allowing you to have input? Yeah, that’s what is has been like recently. So the chance to sit down to a (hopefully) delicious meal with a great friend while kids screamed their happiness in the background was just what I needed. (more…)

Lobster Ravioli with Tomato Cream Sauce and Blueberry-Mint Champagne Bourbon

Oh, I had such high hopes for this dinner. We moved the date to a Saturday because this was going to be a very involved process. The recipe, which I found on Half Baked Harvestsaid that it was going to take about two hours total, one and a half of which was prep time. I’m very glad we didn’t try to go for it on a weeknight. This two hours total must be for those who have this cooking thing down. For me, the prep itself took about two and a half hours. But that’s okay; I can handle time delays. (more…)