Nurturing Your Space

5 Things You Should Have Done to Winterize Your Home This Winter

Winter is finally on its way out as it makes room for spring. As I do every year, I’m working hard to resist the urge to spring clean every day. I also find myself reflecting back on the homeowner duties I neglected to follow through on this winter, such as winterizing the house. Spring cleaning is easy. Winterizing, on the other hand, takes some research and a little help from HVAC pros. If you are like me and you totally skipped over it, here are five things that you should have done to winterize your house. (more…)

Removing Crayon From a Wall: Which Method Is Best

I live with an artist. Yes, Maddie was blessed with the gift of imagination and creativity. So much of it that it cannot be contained within her mind but has to be released through the her body and coloring utensil onto the paper. Her artwork is created with great gusto. Hard lines, soft lines, shapes, and meaningful blobs — she does them all. All this creativity and art sometimes cannot be contained on a simple piece of paper. Sometimes the work moves her so much that her little hands find themselves creating masterpieces on my wall. (more…)

Cleaning Products on a Budget

After my daughter was born, my cleaning routine changed. This happened for several reasons. First, cleaning products are expensive! I am always on a budget, and I resented putting money toward such things. Second, my mom and grandma were helping me with newborn Story, and they showed me a different way of cleaning. Third, the idea of having unknown chemicals so close to my daughter’s skin (on the floor when she started crawling, in the bathtub, etc.) made me break out in hives. She’s a thumbsucker! If she touched the residue of any of those toxic cleaning products, it would immediately find its way into her mouth. So I changed my ways and have been cleaning-product-related-hive-free ever since!


How to Tie a Christmas Tree to Your Car

Christmas Tree on Car topLadies, it is time to change our mindset on the difficulty of tying a Christmas tree to a car. Have you ever experienced discussing a topic with a man who makes something seem really difficult and stressful, but when you try it out, it couldn’t be simpler? This is one of those experiences. Check out this site for example. Detailed. Thorough. A really good tutorial on how to tie a Christmas tree to your car. Here’s the thing. When tying a Christmas tree to your car, all you need is some good rope, a little bit of patience, and some common sense. (more…)

Caulking: Forget Pinterest and Save Your Walls

My house was in dire need of caulking. The existing caulk was cracking, leaving gaping holes allowing moisture in and mold to take over. It was unsightly and not doing its job. Forever a penny-pincher, I did my research on Pinterest for every hack available. It seemed like an easy job, which I was sure meant that there would be great money-saving ideas to be found. Find them, I did. I bought one tube of caulk from Walmart and one 99 cent ice tray from Goodwill. I was going to attack this project with what I was fondly calling my Fire-and-Ice approach.