Nurture Her Nature

Mom, Are Those Parents Dead?

As Lesley mentioned a few weeks ago, both of my girls still sleep with me. It’s getting to be a tight fit, but I can’t really imagine it any other way. Their leaving the bed will be a transition for all of us. Aside from the comfort of routine, there is another reason they still sleep with me. I am terrified of waking up in the middle of the night with one of them staring at me. I used to think I was neurotic. Then Maddie started to talk and I learned about her dark side. Her newest obsession further proves my fear.


You Look Like a Boy

Over Thanksgiving break, Story got her hair cut. Short. Her requirements were: “When I shake my head, I don’t want my hair to move,” and “I want the sides tapered.” She got exactly what she wanted and absolutely loved it. And then others started imposing their unsolicited opinions on her: “You look like a boy.” (more…)

An Unplugged Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was our first staying in my grandpa’s house without him there. About a month or so ago, he moved into a retirement home, leaving the house empty. Well, not empty. All furniture and belongings are still in place. It was a bit strange to be there without him. Adjusting to a different house dynamic was all I was hoping to encounter this trip. Then, on the day of our trip, my mom told me that the cable and internet had also been turned off. (more…)