Nurture Her Nature

An Extraordinary Ordinary Life

As I sat down to write this, I realized I didn’t have anything to say. Especially on this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, how can I possibly write a post that relates a funny story, a fabulous vacation, or a yet another trial of motherhood? It just all seems so … ordinary. We’re eating our dinner while others suffer. We complain about our kids sleeping with us when there are those who have no place to sleep. We bicker with our family when others have lost their loves. How dare I blabber on about the goings-on in my life when there are so many more important issues in this world.


You Want Your Birthday Party Where?

Boy in inflatableThe experience begins with a human chute fashioned just like a chute would be on a cattle ranch. In fact, with the Rural King down the street, it isn’t hard to imagine that this is the exact model you would find ushering cows into their corral. Ahead of you are a series of blinking lights. Vegas? No, there is no chance of winning it big here. On the sides are large, soft structures that seem to be sucking kids into them only to spit them back out. They flop and bounce until they recover at the bottom. Then they are sucked right back up again. The sights resemble something you might find in an ’80s sci-fi movie. The feeling isn’t far off either. (more…)

This Will All Be Over Someday

Bad weeks have a funny way of creeping up on you. Sometimes you can see the culprit of the bad week coming from a mile away, but most of the time, you’re are moving along in life quite normally, then all of a sudden, a series of events or stressors lands you plopped in the middle of a bad week. It’s funny how small the details of the bad week can be when retelling it to a friend, and I won’t bore you with those details here. In reality, most of them are insignificant and will soon pass. (more…)