Nurture Her Nature

On or Off: It’s Sister Love Either Way

By Kathy Cummins

My granddaughters fight. They make each other cry. Still learning social skills at ages four and nearly two, they grab each other’s toys when they feel they have the greater right to them. They yell, shove each other, and occasionally throw punches. A few days ago, however, I observed an unexpected display of sister love between them that caused my thinking about their fighting to change so profoundly that I practically felt the neurons in my brain shift. (more…)

Time After Time

Story and I are alike in a lot of ways, but we are at opposite extremes when it comes to time. I have several clocks in the house, and they are all a couple of minutes fast. This ensures that I am always on time, if not early. Story looks at the clocks as decorations only. While I am hyperaware of the time, Story doesn’t acknowledge its existence.


To Each Her Own Bed

Each night after the children are all tucked into their beds, I pause for a moment to look at them. One is happily positioned on the top bed, the other on the bottom. They are so peaceful,  cozied up for their night’s rest. I wonder then, with all of this quiet beauty how can I feel so alone? (more…)

Spotlight: Blooming on a Budget

Iblogbutton_zpsb6ee8b3cn the land of motherhood, companions are hard to come by. Making friends is much more challenging than in previous years, mostly due to the limited time you have to spend in social settings. But, we also now live in an age that allows us to be social online, which is exactly where we meet our new companion, Angela, from Blooming on a Budget. Angela is a single mom and nothing short of a rock star. Between work, raising two kids, and blogging, she is one busy lady, but even with all the bustle, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Her blog highlights useful resources for single moms, including tips for financial stability, recipes, and home maintenance. She believes (and rightly so) you don’t need a man to get things done and life doesn’t need to be overwhelming.


The Effects of a Six-Year-Old on Self-Esteem

I’ve taken a few hits in my days, and in my younger years, I cared way too much about what others thought of me. These days, I’m not so concerned about others’ thoughts. What mom has the extra worry space for something like that? As a result, I’d say I have a rather healthy self-esteem. I’m pretty awesome, really. I know this. I feel this. And then walks in my precious daughter, the love of my life, my very reason for existing.