Nurture Her Nature

I Would Walk 500 Miles

I’m 500 miles and two days away from my daughter.

When I first traveled for work, leaving Story behind, I was full of excitement (I get the bed and television to myself!), confidence (I’m a successful woman whose talents are needed beyond the walls of our little yellow house!), and craving (I want to learn all I can from this experience!). Now, I just want to be home. I feel like a child at camp, homesick amidst all the fun to be had around me. If Story could read, I’d write her a letter.


Let’s Talk About Tics

No, not those creepy little bloodsuckers that give you the shivers — rather, let’s talk about those shivers! Or twitches or eye blinks or grunts or sniffs — any “sudden, repetitive movement or sound that can be difficult [if not impossible!] to control.” When talking about tics, Tourette’s syndrome, which is certainly a well-known representative tic disorder, is what usually comes to mind. But there are also several other variations. There are two primary types of tics: motor tics involve movement, and vocal tics involve sound. Story has had both. (more…)

Let Them Do the Right Thing

You can’t teach your kids everything. It is one of those strange mom thoughts that you have to sometimes sit down and repeat to yourself. I cannot teach my kids everything. Our mother instincts tell us we are the protector. We are the feeder. We are the everything that will make our kids who they are and keep them alive. Sometimes, though, we just need to sit back and let them develop into who they will be. (more…)

A Vocabulary Lesson

If you’ve read any of my posts about Story, you know she’s a talker. Luckily for me, she has a rather large vocabulary and can tell some pretty creative tales. She tries out new words every once in a while, but these past couple of weeks have made for some pretty interesting conversations. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a vocabulary spurt, but if so, she’s going through one right now.

Sometimes she aims at the mark but misses: “Mom, this is the most dumbfounded spaghetti I’ve ever had!” Sometimes she hits the bull’s eye: “I’ve never had Mt. Dew, but when I’m an adult, I’m sure it will taste marvelous.” My favorites though are those that come nowhere near the target: Pointing at the night sky, “I see so many constipations!”