Nurture Her Nature

Never Too Old to Play

I have begrudgingly come to kinda partially somewhat accept that Story is not a baby any longer. She has made it as easy as possible for me. She converses like an adult, can wear my shoes, is as tall as some of my friends, and loves to argue logic as much as I do. As all these things have come about gradually, I didn’t notice that other things were falling away gradually: the snuggles, the bedtime stories, the giggles, and especially the playfulness.


Mother-Daughter Days

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. Riley wrapped up summer camp on Friday, and Maddie wrapped up her tenure as a preschooler (sniff, sniff). Both girls are ready for the start of school on Wednesday. School supplies have been bought, we’ve dug around and found their tennis shoes for gym class, and lunch menus have been determined. We are on top of it. This last week we also wrapped up a last-minute request of Riley’s – a mother-daughter day.


A New Chef in the Kitchen

Riley has very much enjoyed summer camp this summer. Last year she enjoyed it but mostly because they had Roblox on the computers. This year, though, she has gotten into the themes of the weeks and the activities much more. My personal favorite theme this summer was the week that they wrote fairy tales and Riley wrote about a daring princess who saves all her friends along with her sidekick, the pretty boy. Of course, in true Riley fashion, they did still get married and have a baby at the end.