Fey Food

Honey Barbecue Chicken with Homemade BBQ sauce

I’ve been craving barbecue sauce for quite some time. Typically, I keep some on hand. Barbecue cravings are few and far between for me, typically occurring in the summer. When I reached for my supply, however, I was shocked to see that it had expired in 2013. I suppose those cravings are a little farther between than I thought. (more…)

Overnight Oats

I’m in love with a new breakfast food. For the past several years, nothing has gotten between me and my Cheerios. I’ve been faithful and true. But there comes that point in every relationship when a bit of excitement is needed. I found it in overnight oats. This little recipe fits all my requirements: healthy, easy, and tasty. But it also has a bonus of variety. Simply by adding different fruits you can get a different taste. Without further ado, meet my new love.


Cheesy Pizza Dip

This week at work, we had a pitch-in. Even as I write the word, I can’t keep my eyes from rolling. I love the idea of pitch-ins. Everyone getting together to celebrate a teammate’s accomplishment or birthday and spreading the work among the team members. It’s a beautiful concept. In theory. In actuality, they are stressful. Or, at least I find them to be stressful. The extra planning and remembering are too much for my already overpacked brain. Of course, when it’s all said and done, I’m glad that we do them and always enjoy the extra time spent talking to my coworkers in a space that isn’t about work. It’s a pitch-in conundrum. (more…)

Black Bean Ranch Burgers

Not a huge fan of meat (not to mention it’s expensive!), I am forever on the search for new meatless recipes that provide a good protein punch. So, I’ve been experimenting with different types of meatless “burgers.” The great thing about meatless burgers is that the ingredients tend to come in packages that last quite awhile. I was able to experiment with lentils for a couple of batches and came up with a standard lentil burger and an Asian lentil burger, both of which were delicious and wallet-friendly. So, after the success with the lentils, I decided it was a good time to experiment with black beans. (more…)