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What to Do with All That Leftover Turkey

This summer, I explored the joys of turkey making. I was nervous, I was dubious, but in the end, it turned out great! There were steps along the way that were not so great: cutting the weird bits of plastic out of it, removing the sack of insides (yuck!), and just touching it in general. But, grossness aside, the process was pretty painless and it left A LOT of turkey to deal with. It was great preparation for the upcoming holiday that we are about to experience. Thanksgiving! Where turkey abounds. I’ve added a collection below of some of our favorite leftover turkey recipes. Some from our blog and some from others. Happy leftovers!

Turkey round up 2


Easy Crock-Pot Beef Stroganoff

Every time I have the brilliant idea to make this recipe, I remember how in love I am with the Crock-Pot. I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but I very much enjoy a tasty meal. My Crock-Pot helps me out on both counts. This particular recipe is one of the easiest I have. Three ingredients, one crock, and hours of having to do nothing but smell the good smells.


Crock-Pot Apple Cider French Onion Soup

There is nothing that hits the spot on a rainy, cold fall day better than a nice big bowl of soup. When that bowl of soup is covered in cheese, it’s even better. When that bowl of soup is covered in cheese and has that sweet tart taste of fall apple cider, then it’s probably the best bowl of soup ever. I found this soup a couple of years ago and have made a few tweaks to it over the years. It is fall awesome-ness in a bowl. There just isn’t any other way to describe it. If you love French onion soup and your favorite part of fall is the apple cider, then this is definitely for you.


Easy Vegetarian Chili

It’s that time of year again! The jackets, the scarves, the boots … but most important, the chili! We have a staple recipe in our home. It covers all tastes; it has some spice but not too much for kid palates. And of course, we add some macaroni for fun. The best part about this recipe is how quickly it all comes together!


Black Bean and Salsa Soup

With winter right around the corner, my mind has already turned to soups. I love the warm, flavorful soup. No brothy vegetable soups for me. I need something hearty and creamy that won’t leave me hungry in an hour. After all, I’m a mom. I don’t have time for more than three meals a day. This soup is amazingly simple. Really. I boiled my black beans because it is much cheaper that way, but if you bought a can (or two if you want to freeze some) it would take only fifteen¬†minutes from start to finish. Even with canned black beans (I know, I’m pinching pennies with the self-cook beans!), it is a cheap meal and one that the kids can enjoy too. Pair with Everyday Bread and you’ve got yourself a meal, or two.