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Open Letter to the Creator of Bunk Beds

Dear Ms. Bunk Bed Creator,

I must admit that I had my doubts. When Ali got a bunk bed for her girls and reported the resulting magic of the immediate vacancy of her bed, I shook my head. Her girls were ready to sleep in their own room; the arrival of the bunk bed just happened to coincide with that milestone. I may have even begrudged her a bit. My own daughter was two years older than her oldest and still sleeping in my bed. No way did Ali think of something I didn’t to retrieve the luxury of an empty bed. It was just nature. Her girls felt the call to nighttime independence before mine. We two moms had nothing to do with it.


“You Don’t Have What It Takes”

In church this morning, the congregation celebrated the graduation of our seniors. Our caring and compassionate pastor stood up in front of us all and addressed the graduates: “You don’t have what it takes.” At first, I thought I heard her wrong. Aren’t we supposed to encourage and celebrate our youth? Tell them how special they are and that they can be anything they want to be?

As she continued and explained her harsh words, I understood them to be encouraging rather than discouraging, true rather than lip service, and wise rather than rude. She is absolutely right.


Childhood Summers

When Story started kindergarten, I did a happy dance —  primarily because I could say goodbye to the exorbitant daycare fees that devoured my pocketbook each month. We’ve lived a happy, free-childcare existence for the past eight months. And then suddenly it dawned on me. School is coming to an end. Summer! What do parents do with their children during summer? I hadn’t had to think about this before. Story was always in daycare, year-round. I scrambled to seek the wisdom of my in-the-know mom friends.