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Three Questions

I read a lot. Well, to be precise, I listen a lot. Story and I love audiobooks. This past weekend I finished Louise Penny’s latest, A Better Man. If you are a fan of murder mysteries, I highly recommend Louise Penny. While her works are entertaining for sure, I often also find little life gemstones among the prose. This latest book taught me the wisdom of asking yourself three questions before speaking.


A Fairy Tale Weekend

I was upgraded from Mom 2 to Mom 1 this past weekend as Ali’s girls stayed with me while she worked. Unfortunately, Story was gone, so it was just Riley, Maddie, and me. Ali was worried. I’m not sure if she was worried about me or the girls, but either way, it was a waste of energy. All was grand! Granted, it didn’t quite start out that way.


Just the Two of Us

When Story and I go out of town, we are usually accompanied by others — either my family or Ali and the girls. We love spending time and having adventures with our loved ones, and Lord knows, with everyone’s schedules, time together is precious. However, for Labor Day weekend, Story and I went out on our own for the first time in about five years.


Never Too Old to Play

I have begrudgingly come to kinda partially somewhat accept that Story is not a baby any longer. She has made it as easy as possible for me. She converses like an adult, can wear my shoes, is as tall as some of my friends, and loves to argue logic as much as I do. As all these things have come about gradually, I didn’t notice that other things were falling away gradually: the snuggles, the bedtime stories, the giggles, and especially the playfulness.