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Our Last Preschool Graduate

Wednesday marked the last preschool graduation that Lesley and I would attend (until the girls have kids anyway), and I have to say it was the hardest. Story’s preschool graduation marked the beginning of the girls growing up, but Maddie’s marked the last of their little kidhood. They are officially all elementary schoolers. No more diapers, no more large mom bags on outings, no more naptimes, and now, no more preschool.


Mess-Free Painting!

About a month or two ago, a co-worker brought in a case full of little blue bottles with roller caps. She had purchased them for a business endeavor that she never got around to and was hoping they would find a good home. At first, I resisted the urge to bring these little cutie bottles home. Sure, I could find something fun to do with them, but I have a cabinet full of things I could someday do something fun with. Not to mention I was purging the house at the time.


Let It Begin!

It has been a rough month. But, the storm that was May 2019 is finally over, and this weekend marks the start of summer. My favorite season. The pools are open, Riley and Story are out of school, and the warm weather is upon us! This summer brings particular excitement as it will mark the end of my hour-long drop-off commutes (provided no more roads close) and will see the last daycare payment. I say, let it begin!


Turning Five

It’s been a crazy week. On top of preparing for new flooring, Lesley and I have been planning and preparing for our first Terrari and the Fairy private party booking. Oh, and also two other T&F events. Not to mention all of the other typical life things that we somehow manage to get done in a week. The craziest part of the week, though, happened yesterday. Maddie turned five.