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Pork Katsu with Tonkatsu Slaw and Tonkatsu Dipping Sauce

The previous owner of my house subscribed to a really great little magazine called SunsetWhen they moved out, they forgot to update the mailing address so now every so often I get this fun magazine in my mailbox. It is a lifestyle magazine with different themes for each subscription, and unlike many other magazines I have seen, they include the best recipes. When I saw a recipe for what looked like an Asian version of schnitzel, one of my favorite childhood foods, I knew I had to try it for our next Nurture Her Nature dinner. (more…)

The No Good, Very Bad, Terrible Week

When Riley was three, she was enthralled with the Bubble Guppies. It wasn’t the worst show out there. In fact, despite its very-kids-cartoon characteristics, I found it very easy to listen to in the background while I went about my normal chores. It also gave us a really good framework to use when talking about a very frequent emotion in our house full of girls: the grumpies. (more…)

A Big Step Towards Independence

This week Riley took a big step. Just two weeks past her fifth birthday, she took a step into a high school gymnasium and stayed there. By herself. No, no. Not totally by herself. She was in the trustworthy and very capable hands of a group of high school cheerleaders. She was participating in the clinic that they were hosting, which would teach her beginner cheerleading and culminate in leading cheers on the sidelines as the high school football game that Friday. (more…)

Removing Crayon From a Wall: Which Method Is Best

I live with an artist. Yes, Maddie was blessed with the gift of imagination and creativity. So much of it that it cannot be contained within her mind but has to be released through the her body and coloring utensil onto the paper. Her artwork is created with great gusto. Hard lines, soft lines, shapes, and meaningful blobs — she does them all. All this creativity and art sometimes cannot be contained on a simple piece of paper. Sometimes the work moves her so much that her little hands find themselves creating masterpieces on my wall. (more…)

A World of Pure Imagination

We can’t give our children everything. It’s a hard pill to swallow since we as moms so desperately want to give our kids the very best of absolutely everything. But, everyone has their limitations. Even moms. In my own long list of limitations one has come to the forefront recently. As Maddie has continued to develop her personality and characteristics, it has become more and more clear that she has a very active and vivid imagination and that I have no idea what to do with it. (more…)