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A Family-Filled Weekend

Five years ago Lesley and I set off on a great adventure. It was a great adventure to find the best pumpkin patch in Indiana. We did end up finding it, but the journey we took to get there led us so far in the backwoods of Indiana that we weren’t sure if we would ever be seen alive again. A classic NHN adventure that we turned into a tradition each year — only now we’ve found the paved roads to get there.


The Caption Game

Life has been pretty boring lately. Boring may be a harsh word. Routine would probably be a better way to describe it. Still, there isn’t a whole lot of news to share, and the thought of writing this blog has been on my mind all day. What could I possibly write about?


Pine Cone Birds

Each camping trip, I try to think of, and bring with us, an outdoor-themed craft. It is a good break from the energetic activities like bike riding, scootering, and hide-and-seek with the campground kids. Last year, we painted pictures of RVs. The year before, we tie-dyed almost all the white clothes in our house. This year, we made birds out of pine cones.


34 is off to a good start

Birthday month is coming to an official close this week after Lora’s birthday on Wednesday (happy birthday!). All in all, it was a really good one. Riley celebrated with a field day-themed party. Mom celebrated with an extended vacation in Europe. The Bolton’s migrated to Bloomington for a weekend to celebrate. My celebration was a couple of small ones that added up to a great birthday.


Trouble on the Bus

Last week the girls received their first official report of bad behavior. They’ve both gotten the occasional report of an instance that hasn’t gone well at school or daycare during the day but nothing more than a casual mention from a teacher. Typically, I hear nothing but good things about them. I’m certainly not the mom who thinks her kids are perfect. Lord knows they push their boundaries at home like it’s their job but outside of mother-daughter interaction they generally good kids.