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Trouble on the Bus

Last week the girls received their first official report of bad behavior. They’ve both gotten the occasional report of an instance that hasn’t gone well at school or daycare during the day but nothing more than a casual mention from a teacher. Typically, I hear nothing but good things about them. I’m certainly not the mom who thinks her kids are perfect. Lord knows they push their boundaries at home like it’s their job but outside of mother-daughter interaction they generally good kids.


Cocoa Banana Bread

We have been in a weekend morning pancake rut for a few weeks now. The girls probably wouldn’t describe it as a rut. They love pancakes. All kinds of pancakes. Chocolate chip, blueberry, with syrup, without syrup – it really doesn’t matter to them. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t dislike pancakes. I just dislike making them every single weekend morning. It gets boring. Even turning them into waffles isn’t a thrill anymore.


Mama’s Lounge

In May I chose to have my upstairs flooring replaced. It was an ordeal, to say the least, but it was also very necessary. I have learned that the girls and I are just not carpet people. We drop things left and right, and the result was a very stained, really stinky carpet. It had to go.


Mother-Daughter Days

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. Riley wrapped up summer camp on Friday, and Maddie wrapped up her tenure as a preschooler (sniff, sniff). Both girls are ready for the start of school on Wednesday. School supplies have been bought, we’ve dug around and found their tennis shoes for gym class, and lunch menus have been determined. We are on top of it. This last week we also wrapped up a last-minute request of Riley’s – a mother-daughter day.