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Removing Skunk Smell from Dogs

Tuesday morning started like any other. I was up after a couple of snoozes on the alarm, put the dog outside, and got Skunkinto the shower. Upon exiting the shower, I was hit by an overwhelming stench. A skunk had sprayed, and my house was at ground zero. I knew that my poor, sweet dog had been the instigator for its release. What to do now!? With no other way around my time constraints, I left her in the basement and spent maybe too much of my work day scouring Pinterest and gathering co-worker advice. Each source told me that I was going to need hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dish soap. This solution brought up another problem. I did not have hydrogen peroxide on hand and the thought of going to the store to get some after daycare pickup had me looking up how long it takes for skunk smell to go away on its own (see Thank Goodness for Online Shopping). (more…)

Removing Sticky Labels

This month’s half-price Goodwill sale was particularly good. If you haven’t discovered this sale, you need to check it out.Removing Sticky labels Goodwill can sometimes get a bad rap. It’s easy to think of it as just a bunch of old stuff that someone didn’t want anymore, and really, it is. But, as the wise old saying goes, one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Typically the first Saturday of the month is the half-price sale, and this is when Goodwill puts out all of its treasures. Here are some helpful hints: go to the largest  location, go early, and don’t shop too fast; the best finds are usually hidden. (more…)

Tip to Help Hang Pictures Straight

My walls are quite stark. This isn’t because I take a minimalist approach to decorating. Rather, it’s because I have little
patience with myself when it comes to measuring and measuring again to get it right the second or third or fourth time. You see, I have a one-sided war with those little triangular doohickeys on the back of frames—especially when there are two. (more…)

Bike Parade

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Every year, I take the girls to our community’s 4th of July parade. They enjoy listening to the band, gathering up the candy, and watching the floats go by. At the dinner table this week, an idea struck me. Why not bring the fun back to the house this year? It wouldn’t be too hard to make Riley’s bike into a float.

I asked her, “If you could turn your bike into anything, what would it be?”

She thought for a minute. “A bike.”

“It is a bike. What if you could change it into something else but still ride it. What would you want to change it into?”

“A Spiderman bike! Yeah, a Spiderman bike! Come on, Mom, let’s go. A Spiderman bike!”

I probably should have asked after she finished her dinner.

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Nurture the Experience
Recommended Reading

What You’ll Need:


Felt, construction paper, or cardstock

Glue (I used felt, which required a hot glue gun)



Black Sharpie marker

Supplies will vary depending on what kind of float you are making.

Directions for the Spiderman bike:

1) Google a picture of Spiderman. I knew what he looked like but had no idea what the details of his face were. Who knew he had webs on his face? Good thing it was easy.

2) Cut the cardboard in the shape of his face. Use the cut cardboard to measure and cut the felt. Glue felt to cardboard.

3) Cut the eyes and glue to the face. Use black Sharpie to outline the eyes and draw the webs on the face.

4) Cut two pieces of long ribbon. It doesn’t matter if they are too long. You can always curl them after attaching the face. Glue the ribbon to the face. Again, the hot glue gun came in handy here. Regular glue will need drying time.

5) Attach to the front of the bike and curl excess ribbon. Attach more ribbon to the bike and curl.

This is a great craft to get creative with! We’d love to see your creations!

Nurture the Experience:
Use this as a chance to teach your child about community involvement and organize a neighborhood bike parade! If you have an HOA, contact them, if not, contact some other parents that you know and ask them to spread the word! Work with your child on what you should say in your communication with them. What will they need to know to participate, what questions will they have, why would they want to join? These questions will help your child begin thinking about what it takes to plan an event and considering others’ points of view.

Recommended Reading:

Bike Parade! The Coloring Book (Volume 1)
Bike Parade Coloring BookThis first one isn’t actually for reading but is great for this activity! It is a coloring book with different animals on parade. Perfect if you are seeking ideas or need something for the kids to do while you put the finishing touches on the bike.




The Best Bug Parade (MathStart 1)

The Best Bug ParadeThere are all kinds of parades. This book is about bugs in the garden who are lined up for a parade! The best part is, it is actually an educational book to begin teaching kids about everyday math.




The Night Parade

The Night ParadeThe Night Parade is a bedtime book about what happens when the adults go to bed — an adorable book that will appeal to your child’s imagination.