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Frida Kahlo: a homeschool project

It’s been awhile since my first update about the transition to work from home and learning from home. I truly thought being home meant I would have more time for hobbies and time to write. So far that hasn’t been the case. While I do get to enjoy my coffee on the porch each morning, and haven’t worn work pants in over a month, work isn’t slow and is just as stressful as it is in the office. Learning from home is 100% on my plate as I’ve found our district was wildly unprepared for this new arraignment. Luckily, I did sense that might be the case and ordered extensive scholastic workbooks for the girls before the rush. I’ve also been making up my own curriculum, which has been fun.


Surviving the first week of quarantine

We have survived the first week of quarantine! What a ride it was. My company has officially closed the doors to the physical space and we are all now working from home. I feel very fortunate to have this option and to still be working! The girls’ school is officially closed until May 1; however, when we ran into Maddie’s teacher at the grocery store, he alluded to a time frame for closing through the end of the year. Wild.


Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

This past weekend Lesley and I held our very first Galentine’s Day celebration. Galentine’s is a new concept for me and, being a traditionalist, I initially felt resistant to it. Why not just celebrate your love for your girlfriends on Valentine’s? It is the day of love after all. But, when you have a family of all girls, it’s hard not to get behind Galentine’s. And, I do love a good holiday. Even if it’s new.


Salted Caramel Whiskey and Toffee Pie

It is finally February, which means we have survived almost all of winter. Yay! I have to say, I would not be this cheery if it weren’t for the Happy Lamp Santa brought me for Christmas. Oh, Christmas. It feels so long ago and still I have some lingering Christmas tasks. Thank you cards, and writing this post. At least I’ll get one of those done today! 🙂


Fork Painted Christmas Trees

Today marks the last day of winter break for the girls and they are certainly ready to go back. Things aren’t as bad as years past at this time but Riley’s overly emotional state and Maddie’s intentional pushing of everyone’s buttons tells me they are ready. Overall, it was a really good winter break. Much better than years past.