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A New Chef in the Kitchen

Riley has very much enjoyed summer camp this summer. Last year she enjoyed it but mostly because they had Roblox on the computers. This year, though, she has gotten into the themes of the weeks and the activities much more. My personal favorite theme this summer was the week that they wrote fairy tales and Riley wrote about a daring princess who saves all her friends along with her sidekick, the pretty boy. Of course, in true Riley fashion, they did still get married and have a baby at the end.


The New Camping Normal

This weekend was the first of our camping weekends this year. As always, it wasn’t long enough. This year, we rented a fifth wheel travel trailer that was new to our campground. It was so much more spacious and comfortable than the one we were used to and is in a much better location with a lake view and easier access to the park. It was perfect and hard to say goodbye to.


Our Last Preschool Graduate

Wednesday marked the last preschool graduation that Lesley and I would attend (until the girls have kids anyway), and I have to say it was the hardest. Story’s preschool graduation marked the beginning of the girls growing up, but Maddie’s marked the last of their little kidhood. They are officially all elementary schoolers. No more diapers, no more large mom bags on outings, no more naptimes, and now, no more preschool.