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Strawberry Chimichurri

I had a very good food week last week. My food magazine came and it included a recipe for green gazpacho which I have always wanted to try. Even though I didn’t have all of the ingredients (it’s hard justifying a trip to the store for just a shallot right now), it was delicious. So delicious it was hard to choose between that and cookie dough that I had also whipped up.


Maddie’s Quarantine Birthday

This past Monday was Maddie’s 6th birthday. She, of course, had been excited and anxious for it for to come for over six months. Like all younger sisters, she suffered from the road her older sister walked before her. Riley got a party at Jumping Joey. I promptly swore never to do that again. Riley had themed birthday with friends. I was still recovering come May. This year she was adamant that this would be the year she got a birthday party. And I reluctantly agreed.


Frida Kahlo: a homeschool project

It’s been awhile since my first update about the transition to work from home and learning from home. I truly thought being home meant I would have more time for hobbies and time to write. So far that hasn’t been the case. While I do get to enjoy my coffee on the porch each morning, and haven’t worn work pants in over a month, work isn’t slow and is just as stressful as it is in the office. Learning from home is 100% on my plate as I’ve found our district was wildly unprepared for this new arraignment. Luckily, I did sense that might be the case and ordered extensive scholastic workbooks for the girls before the rush. I’ve also been making up my own curriculum, which has been fun.