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Monster Eye Balls + Our 2020 Halloween

Just like everything else this year, our Halloween was very, very different. Instead of our annual visit to our favorite pumpkin patch, a tradition that Lesley and I have held for 5 years, we picked our pumpkins out at Kroger. Carving didn’t happen until 4 days before and was the first year we didn’t carve with my parents. Most bizarre, there was no trick or treating. Failed traditions aside, we had a fabulous Halloween season.


Savannah Cupcakes (Chocolate cupcakes with caramel filling and salted caramel buttercream)

When we aren’t watching Hamilton, the girls and I spend our evenings watching Sugar Rush on Netflix. This was the first show that Riley and I could ever fully agree and during quarantine Maddie finally joined in. This past Sunday evening we watched the episode that hosted family teams with challenges that were all about family experiences. For the cupcake challenge the families were to make a cupcake that represented their family pets. As the bakers got going, Maddie jumped off the couch.


S’mores Pie

There is nothing more quintessentially summer than s’mores. They are the perfect pair to the end of a camping day, lake day, or just a backyard BBQ. Although we were home all summer with nothing much to do our consumption of s’mores this year was way down. Riley, my traditionalist, took note. In response, and after a discussion of pies she had been making with her Grandpa, I promised her we would make a s’mores pie together to celebrate the end of summer.


Strawberry Chimichurri

I had a very good food week last week. My food magazine came and it included a recipe for green gazpacho which I have always wanted to try. Even though I didn’t have all of the ingredients (it’s hard justifying a trip to the store for just a shallot right now), it was delicious. So delicious it was hard to choose between that and cookie dough that I had also whipped up.