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This blog is an adventure – a misadventure, at times – about two families learning and growing together. Two single moms, Ali and Lesley, are determined to raise their very individual daughters, Maddie, Riley, and Story, to be true to their natures and gifts while still contributing to a polite society. No easy task. The Fey, those mischievous little imps, are messy, expressive, and so very imaginative. Like most children, they aren’t easily compartmentalized, and each requires a different battle plan, ahem, parenting strategy.

Here, Ali and Lesley share their wins and fails in the magical world of single moms, including stories of food, fixes, and family. Welcome to the clusterlove: three strong-willed girls, two single moms, one continuous adventure.



Story is a rambunctious five-year-old dinosaur, or dragon, or ostrich, or blue morpho butterfly from South America that uses its proboscis to drink the juices from that orange beanbag over there, or . . . It just depends on the day. A storyteller at heart, Story does more than tell her tales; she lives them. At any given time, she is on a stage living the role she has adopted. Her imagination is wilder than her curls, and she has the vocabulary of a voracious reader even though at this moment she is illiterate.

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Unbendable and unflappable, Riley is a straight-shooting kind of girl. Life is lived on her terms, no fairy tale needed. True to herself in every way, she refuses to be a people pleaser–she’s a Riley-pleaser. You always know where you stand with her, and when she’s in a loving mood, there is nothing sweeter.

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Born with the spirit of Diana Ross and Aretha Franklin, Maddie is a diva at heart. Walking quickly morphed to dancing. Singing replaced cooing. With highs to match every low, this performer makes each experience she encounters memorable. She is a light-hearted soul–as long as her milk is chilled, her bow is just right, and her adoring fans are close.

Read Maddie’s story.

Lesley and Ali

Lesley is Story’s nurturer. By trade, she is an editor and writer; by heart, she is a mom, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. She laughs obnoxiously loud at her own jokes and has a knack for balancing pens on the end of her nose. She may have a touch of OCD.

Ali is the wrangler of Riley and Maddie, a stand-in mom for Story, and an 8-to-5 working girl (no, not that kind of working girl). She is the solid foundation of this boisterous clan, often doling out to-do lists and ever-so-patient corrections. She has a very serious addiction to chocolate but is otherwise trustworthy.

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