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We have a passion for living life to its fullest and making light of what may seem difficult. Balancing work and kids calls for a bit of pre-planning and a gathering of skills along the way. Here we answer questions such as: What’s for dinner? How do we fix that? How do I use this fun activity to further my child’s imagination or educational development? Check out these pages for the pieces of the game plan that we’ve used thus far to simplify and nurture this balance.



Our Stories: These posts are our stories of single motherhood. Join us on our journey of living life to it’s fullest and enjoying the challenges that come with that.


woman-legs-flowers-summerThe Single Mom Life: We hope begin telling the story of single moms. Not the ones of despair and hardship you’ll find all over the internet but the real story of thriving and raising happy, strong families. We’ll feature different single moms, great stories we’ve heard and share some great finds that have been useful for us.  We’re excited to start shedding light on this topic that has been shown so negatively in the past. 


Fey FoodThis is a collection of our go-to family-friendly recipes — some staples and some that are a little more imaginative. These have helped us with the boxed macaroni-and-chicken-nuggets-every-night blues.

Painted Hand Nurturing Their Creativity: This is a collection of crafts, games, and learning experiences. Each page contains a “Nurture the experience” section with a tip on how to infuse learning into whatever the activity or craft is. We have a passion for early literacy, so most pages also have a book or more that will correlate with the activity and give ideas of how to fit it in with that activity. Life may be busy, but there is always time for fun and learning.

3345020589_3e38f142e1_zNurturing Your SpaceWhile parenting may not come with a handbook, your house should. There may not always be help available but that is no reason to run to the phone and call the handyman. This section include step-by-step instructions for women on household fixes they may face.


Cod with Pickled Grapes and Summer SuccotashRecipes for Us: Sometimes you just need a meal that is a little fancier that what your kids’ palates want. Here we share the recipes for the adult palate because sometimes moms needs a flavor break too.

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