Maddie’s Quarantine Birthday

This past Monday was Maddie’s 6th birthday. She, of course, had been excited and anxious for it for to come for over six months. Like all younger sisters, she suffered from the road her older sister walked before her. Riley got a party at Jumping Joey. I promptly swore never to do that again. Riley had themed birthday with friends. I was still recovering come May. This year she was adamant that this would be the year she got a birthday party. And I reluctantly agreed.

Then the world flipped upside down and it was painfully clear that, yet again, this would not be the year. She was bummed but perked up pretty quickly when she realized that the presents could still come and there would still be cake. She settled for being able to FaceTime her friends. What she couldn’t settle on was a theme. Weeks went by as she toyed around with several themes; beanie boos, rockstar, mermaid, unicorn, bats. She just couldn’t pick. With the date approaching and needing to gather supplies. I picked the theme – a 100 themes themed birthday. That’s right. She was getting all of them.

Using yet another gift given to younger sisters, Maddie quickly sensed my maternal guilt and sadness that she was getting older, she spent the weeks leading up to her party snuggling up close to me and lamenting the fact that she’s growing older. Her plan worked and I way overcompensated with presents. Sly child.

The night before her big day, Lesley and Story snuck over to decorate the porch for her. I gathered the entire herd and moved upstairs to the lounge for a movie so they wouldn’t be detected. While they decorated and the girls watched the movie, I got great joy thinking of Lesley trying to be sneaky and wondered how many times Story had to tell her to stop giggling. Their plan worked and they made it out without detection, leaving behind an awesome surprise. Which, was shortly after discovered. Who knew you could see pinata’s on the porch in the pitch dark!

Maddie was super pumped about the porch, exclaiming all the right things and feeling all the birthday feelings. She went to bed happy and primed to enjoy turning 6.

The birthday day started at 7am. The first party game started at 7:30am. The party, games, and snacks didn’t end until 7pm. Mom and dad came over in the afternoon to do cake and presents. The set up allowed for them to be on one side of the driveway and us on the other. We cut two pieces of cake before Maddie introduced her germs to the cake while blowing out the candles. It was awkward but really fun and Maddie was super happy to have her grandparents there. She and Riley ended the celebration with them by singing duets using the new microphone Maddie received. After the cake, it was back to the games. Then more games, and more games. At the end of the day I felt no guilt about Maddie having spent her birthday in quarantine. We did it up right.