Golf Tee Flowers for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day certainly feels like a long time ago even though it was only a few weekends back. It’s fascinating to me how fast these socially distanced days go by! Days to turn into another day and just like that I’m late posting about our Mother’s Day craft this year!

Obviously, our Mother’s Day was very different from years past. Typically it’s a day that we spend with my mom and have a nice dinner and delicious dessert. Covid guidelines swiftly changed all of that. One thing it did not change was my own girls lack of caring about the day, despite my best effort this year to help them understand why it’s important to acknowledge their mother’s efforts for them. Maddie “tried” by writing me a note that said, “Thank you for my 6th birthday. Happy Mother’s Day.” I’ll take it.

Even though she was still quarantining, we did still want to see my mom. But what to bring that would be special? Going to the store for flowers didn’t make sense. What’s the point of quarantining if you are going to be given potentially diseased flowers from the store? So, we set to work on a craft that I had thought about doing with them for quite some time.

Last Fall, Riley had a field day themed birthday party. One of the games that we set up for the party was shooting golf balls off tees with a water gun. The golf tees that I purchased were a mix of white, orange and green practice tees. The green ties, I thought, looked perfect for turning into flower stems! And so the idea was born.

They did turn out pretty cute and were perfect for the occasion. We might not have been able to spend the day with her but I hope the flowers helped to brighten the day!

What You’ll Need:

Green practice tees

1” inch – small foam balls

Colored toothpicks

Construction paper

Glue sticks

Mini clay pots

Foam bricks (we used packing foam that came from a recent furniture delivery)

Easter grass

Yellow paint

Hot glue gun and glue

  1. Paint the foam balls yellow. We used toothpicks and a paper plate to hold up the balls while we were painting them and to allow them to dry without messing up any of the sides. It was a nice outdoor activity on a warm day!
  2. Use the hot glue gun to glue to yellow painted foam balls to the tops of the green golf tees. Again, you can use a paper plate to stand the tees up while they dry.
  3. Cut out flower petals from the construction paper. You’ll need an outside color and an inside color for each. I was a little skeptical when Riley chose brown and black for her colors but the end product still came out cute!
  4. Glue the two petal colors together.
  5. Cut the toothpicks in half. Glue one petal to each half toothpick. We made about 12 petals for each flower.
  6. Stick the toothpicks into the yellow painted balls to form a flower shape.
  7. Cut the foam bricks to fit inside of the small clay pots.
  8. Use the hot glue gun to glue the Easter grass to the top of the foam bricks.
  9. Arrange the flowers in the pot and there you have it!

We chose to write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the clay pots. 🙂