Valentine’s Day Mad Libs

This past weekend Lesley and I held our very first Galentine’s Day celebration. Galentine’s is a new concept for me and, being a traditionalist, I initially felt resistant to it. Why not just celebrate your love for your girlfriends on Valentine’s? It is the day of love after all. But, when you have a family of all girls, it’s hard not to get behind Galentine’s. And, I do love a good holiday. Even if it’s new.

In a twist of roles Lesley had to repeatedly ask me what our plan was the week of the party and I repeatedly answered with a good shrugging girl emoji. Lesley’s favorite. Work has been busy and the girls schedule has been busy so my planning time has been limited. Luckily for me Lesley’s poor planning abilities caused us to move our party from Friday to Sunday and I gained a few days.

After a good Friday night of Pinterest research I had a plan ready. I also had a stroke of genius which would cause Lesley to have a to-do list. My favorite kind of genius plan. I handed down the orders the next day and Lesley eagerly accepted the challenge.

Sunday night came and I had at least 4 fun activities planned. Surely 4 activities would keep us busy. I had forgotten, though, that it had been quite a while since the NHN family got together. After quite a bit of carrying on, we had only done 1 of my planned activities. A candy heart cannon shooter that turned out to be much more dangerous than I had expected.

We couldn’t let the night end without Lesley’s chore and we sat the girls down for the activity – mad libs using conversation hearts. Lesley wrote a story for each of us (Story wrote one but to Lesley had to finish it) and we each took turns drawing hearts out of the bowl to fill in the blanks in our story. It was hilarious and the unquestionable highlight of the night.

I also learned a few things like GOAT, and BAE are actual conversation heart words. The best though in the land of conversation hearts and for our activity was the one that read” YAAASSSSS”. These new editions sparked an idea that Lesley should write a book about the evolution of conversation hearts which I will pressure her about when she finishes the current book she’s writing.

All in all, Galentine’s is certainly a holiday worth celebrating. Happy Galentine’s!

What You’ll Need:

Conversation Hearts

The below Mad Lib templates printed out

A bowl

That’s it!