Fork Painted Christmas Trees

Today marks the last day of winter break for the girls and they are certainly ready to go back. Things aren’t as bad as years past at this time but Riley’s overly emotional state and Maddie’s intentional pushing of everyone’s buttons tells me they are ready. Overall, it was a really good winter break. Much better than years past.

Break started the Friday before Christmas because we successfully avoided having any snow days the first semester of school (yay!). Mom graciously agreed to watch the girls the second half of the day so that I could do my wrapping but we spent a good part of the morning on crafts. Maddie’s goal was to make five different crafts. We got through maybe three. These fork painted Christmas trees were the first.

Inspiration for these came from a Christmas painting I had seen a year earlier in Hobby Lobby. It was a little abstract and I figured we could probably replicate it using a fork. I’m also forever on the hunt for making painting less of a mess so this craft fit the bill perfectly. We were going to put real Christmas lights on it but sadly ran out of time. That will need to wait until next year. Instead, we used our fingers to make different colored lights. Maddie made hers lean to the left to replicate our family Christmas tree. Sigh.

Christmas wrapping lasted way longer than I expected and I didn’t end up picking up the girls till close to 8 from my exhausted mother. Amazingly, she was still in a pretty good mood.

The rest of break played out mostly the way that it usually does. We did pictures with Santa, sushi on Christmas eve, a magical Christmas morning and day, and made our annual voyage to Louisville for the weekend. This year, however, we had amazing weather. Santa brought me a happy lamp (simulated sunshine) for Christmas but I barely needed to use it. The sky was sunny most days and the weather reached a balmy 60 degrees. The girls and I took two hikes! For one of the hikes my mom joined us. At the end of it we took a stroll down to Lake Monroe and the girls dipped their toes in. Imagine! At the lake the day after Christmas! It was glorious.

For the cloudy days we spent a good amount of time having Mario Kart challenges on the girls new Nintendo Switch system. It was a lot of fun and nostalgic for me. Best of all, there wasn’t a lot of complaining or sibling fighting.

But, all good things must come to an end and tomorrow will bring back our familiar routine. If break was an indication of how the year will be, it is going to be a great 2020.

What You’ll Need

8 x 10 canvas

Paints (You’ll need green for sure but the ornament colors are up to you!)

Plastic forks

Paper plates

  1. Use the paper plate like a palate and add your desired colors to it.
  2. Dip the fork in the green paint and roll on the canvas to form a tree. Remember, this is art. It doesn’t need to be perfect 🙂
  3. Use a finger to add the ornaments. Obviously, this is the best part for the kids.

Merry Christmas!