Maleficent Horns

This morning I woke up to a house full of Christmas cheer and the scent of pine. Earlier this month was our annual Christmas decorating day and, after a full days work, both Lesley’s house and mine were ready for the season. This year, I also feel ready for the season. I have a good idea of what I’m getting the girls and even have an idea of a new Christmas recipe I want to try out. What I haven’t decided on is a Christmas craft.

When I sat down this morning to plan a craft for the season I realized I haven’t written about our Halloween one yet! Time flies when you’re busy! You may have also noticed a change on NHN this Fall. Our normal weekly posts are on pause for the moment. Lesley has decided to take a step back from NHN as she focuses on the more demanding life of the mom of a pre-teen. I’ve taken a step back as I try to decide what I want to do; continue writing NHN or focus on a new hobby.

Here’s where I landed, NHN keeps me thinking about fun crafts to try with the girls and makes me think differently about cooking. It’s in the best interest of my children and my stomach to continue with those posts. But, the every other week schedule for posts can be challenging so those will be less frequent. Hopefully it won’t get too dull just reading my ramblings.

So with that, back to the Halloween craft.

On opening weekend, the NHN family ventured to the movie theater to see the sequel to one of our favorite movies, Maleficent. Although the sequel didn’t live up to the first, it sparked a renewed interest in her favorite Disney character for Maddie. So, with some stuff we had laying around the house, we crafted our own set of fabulous Maleficent horns that weekend. Sadly, one set of horns has succumbed to Charlie’s chewing. The other lives on in our dress up bin. Success.

What You’ll Need:

2 sponges (the type you would use to wash a car)

black plastic tablecloth


Hot glue gun and glue

Rubber band, cut

Washed out gallon-size milk carton

What to Do:

  1. Cut tablecloth into 2-3 inch wide strips.
  2. Cut the top of the milk carton off. Cut off the handle. What is left should look like a headband with a large area that would cover the top of the forehead.
  3. Heat the glue gun. I recommend using a hot glue gun because the glue dries quickly. Note that you are using it on plastic so leave a lot of surface area when gluing.
  4. Wrap the tablecloth strips tightly around one sponge until it creates the horn shape you are looking for. Glue to hold it in place.
  5. Do the same with the other horn and the milk carton head piece.
  6. Glue the horns to the head piece.
  7. Cut a hole in the sides of the head piece and tie the cut rubber band to each side. I used a nail to make the holes.
  8. Done! Happy crafting!