Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

As I write this the rain is coming down outside and the forecast doesn’t show it stopping until late this evening. It looks like a long day of bored kids and rambunctious cooped up dogs. I have to admit it doesn’t have me feeling happy feelings for Fall but, I am proud of myself to say that I have remained optimistic about Fall this year. The sunshine we’ve had has helped and, of course, as it does for so many, the emergence of pumpkin spice coffee creamer alleviated sadness of saying goodbye to summer.

In an effort to hang on to my good feeling about Fall I decided to try to extend the flavor past the coffee cup and make pumpkin spice pancakes. After all, the girls were having me make them pancakes for breakfast almost every weekend morning. Might as well pumpkin spice it up!

As I started gathering the ingredients from the pantry I noticed in the back a coffee extract that I had gotten for some recipe awhile ago and forgot about. Inspiration struck! This wouldn’t just be any old pumpkin spice pancake, it would be a pumpkin spice latte pancake. After all, the was the pumpkin spice coffee that was keeping me happy.

I had grand ideas about making a rich french vanilla whipped cream to go on top but quickly realized that the trouble with making a fancy meal in the morning is that you get way too hungry to be creative with the finishing touches. Alas, the rich French vanilla whipped creaming topping will need to wait for another morning. Still, you can’t be too sad about a morning meal that is topped with any whipped cream, be it rich in flavor or not.

Enjoy your Fall breakfasts y’all!



  • Melt butter
  • Whisk together egg, vanilla extract, coffee extract and milk and set aside
  • Combine all dry ingredients including the pumpkin pie spice and mix together thoroughly
  • Add milk mixture and melted butter with a whisk
  • Once cooked, top with whipped cream. You can’t leave that step out 🙂