Pine Cone Birds

Each camping trip, I try to think of, and bring with us, an outdoor-themed craft. It is a good break from the energetic activities like bike riding, scootering, and hide-and-seek with the campground kids. Last year, we painted pictures of RVs. The year before, we tie-dyed almost all the white clothes in our house. This year, we made birds out of pine cones.

The idea was born several months before, when Riley and I were taking a walk together during Maddie’s dance class. We came across a pine tree with a huge pyramid of pine cones stacked underneath it. Clearly, someone had had a great time playing under this tree. So, we followed suit and made another pine cone pyramid of our own. When our time was up, Riley grabbed an armful of her favorite pine cones and brought them back with us. On our walk back, we talked about what we could make out of them. And there, the idea for pine cone birds was born.

Of course, by summertime we still hadn’t made them. Time just flies by. Laziness certainly worked in our favor for this one though. They were the perfect craft to make on a camping trip! So, when the sun and their energy started getting lower, we pulled out the supplies and got to crafting. The feathers were super fun to play with, but the beaks were much harder than I anticipated them being. It likely would have been a lot easier to do the flatter end of the pine cone or use something different to make them. If you find something better, I’d love to hear!

All in all, the craft was super fun and they turned out really cute. One still lives on our kitchen window sill.

What You’ll Need

Pine cones, 1 for every bird you intend to make

Feathers(these were our favorite)

Foam craft sheets

Googly eyes


  1. Decide which color feathers are perfect for your bird. I liked sticking with one color, but the girls enjoyed making rainbow-feathered birds.
  2. Cut two triangles out of the foam sheets. This will be the beak.
  3. Put the two triangles together to form a beak. Glue them to your pine cone. Either end of the pine cone you choose is fine!
  4. Glue two eyes above the beak.
  5. Glue the feathers to both sides of the pine cone to form wings.
  6. Glue feathers to the back of the pine cone to form a tail.