A Family-Filled Weekend

Five years ago Lesley and I set off on a great adventure. It was a great adventure to find the best pumpkin patch in Indiana. We did end up finding it, but the journey we took to get there led us so far in the backwoods of Indiana that we weren’t sure if we would ever be seen alive again. A classic NHN adventure that we turned into a tradition each year — only now we’ve found the paved roads to get there.

This years trip to Lark Ranch didn’t disappoint. There were lots of laughs, lots of sun, and even some baby piglets! Story only grumbled a little bit and complied with both girls’ requests for piggyback rides. Oddly, a pit filled with corn was the highlight of the trip for all three girls. My highlight was adding another perfect picture to my “Lesley is annoyed collection” with a perfectly placed crooked bird house in the background. I’m certain Lesley’s highlight was accompanying the girls on a twirly ride of death. Pumpkins in tow, we exited the grounds, successfully completing our Halloween family tradition for the year.

What was different about this year was that our tradition was actually rounding out a weekend full of family activities instead of being the main event. Our family-filled weekend started on Friday night with the long-awaited premier of the Maleficent sequel. Lesley and I both dressed in our Maleficent wear prepared to be delighted by another magical tale with a slightly evil twist. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t live up to the first. Still, Maleficent herself was fabulous and we learned from her the correct way to respond when the girls eventually tell us that they are getting married.

Saturday night was our family dinner night. I cooked homemade pasta with vodka sauce, and we sat down for a lovely Italian meal complete with “fine” wine. We laughed for hours and ended the evening watching Netflix murder specials in mama’s lounge. It was a great night.

So, which family activity was the best this weekend? It’s hard to say. All were splendid and made the weekend fly by.