Just the Two of Us

When Story and I go out of town, we are usually accompanied by others — either my family or Ali and the girls. We love spending time and having adventures with our loved ones, and Lord knows, with everyone’s schedules, time together is precious. However, for Labor Day weekend, Story and I went out on our own for the first time in about five years.

Louisville, Kentucky, welcomed us with promises of a grand time, and it didn’t disappoint. Per Story’s request, we spent our first day at the Kentucky Science Center and the Frazier History Museum. We easily spent a large portion of the day at the science center. There were several fascinating exhibits, including one that determined your personality type. Surprise, surprise, Story and I are opposite types! There were areas for all ages, including a super-cool makerspace for Story’s age group. And the documentaries offered in the movie theater were hard to choose from.

The history museum let Story down at the beginning as a lot of it focused on bourbon. But then we came to the Lewis and Clark exhibit. We pretended to be the famous explorers and got lost in our adventure, complete with sound effects of buzzing mosquitoes and yipping coyotes. There is also a strangely mesmerizing exhibit of toy soldiers and miniatures of all types, the Stewart Historic Miniatures Collection. I can’t tell you exactly why, but we spent quite a bit of time staring into those glass cases.

As we wandered the city that evening, we came upon the WorldFest. So many cultures were represented! It seemed like the entire city was at the festival, and Story and I were swept up in the music, food, and festivities — until I realized that we were in a prime location for a shooting. Yes, folks, that is our world today. After that realization, I lost my nerve and led Story away from the jubilant chaos. It’s all good though because Story got to swim at the hotel, and she was the happiest I’ve seen her in months.

The next day found us at the zoo. Story and I visit all zoos we can. While perhaps not in our top five, the Louisville Zoo kept us busy! There was a lot to see, and we appreciated the layout, which had strategically placed air-conditioned buildings, allowing for a break from the sun and heat. The HerpAquarium was hands-down Story’s favorite place, and dragging her away from the place was reminiscent of her toddler years. Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but it took a lot of persuasion for sure.

In the evening, we visited Fourth Street and were sorely disappointed. While it touts “something for everyone,” it really isn’t that kid-friendly. It is the perfect place for a beer crawl, but not so much for a nine-year-old wanting some age-appropriate entertainment. But again, her spirits soared while swimming in the hotel pool that evening. It’s all about the little things.

Story and I enjoyed Louisville for sure, but most important was the alone time we had. That sounds so silly since it is just the two of us all the time, but we since we had no chores, no commitments, no routines, we got to actually focus on each other and remember how much we really like one another. I hope this is a weekend she will always remember.