A Fairy Tale Weekend

I was upgraded from Mom 2 to Mom 1 this past weekend as Ali’s girls stayed with me while she worked. Unfortunately, Story was gone, so it was just Riley, Maddie, and me. Ali was worried. I’m not sure if she was worried about me or the girls, but either way, it was a waste of energy. All was grand! Granted, it didn’t quite start out that way.

Ali dropped the girls off with me after work on Friday. Maddie was not having it. My little beastie had no interest in leaving her mom’s side and let everyone know it. We were in a university parking lot and likely traumatized some college students into never having children. Riley jumped in the car, completely unfazed by her sister’s cries. Ali strapped Maddie down and off we went!

Riley and I chatted over Maddie’s wails until Maddie abruptly stopped and told me she had a secret about Ali. I easily bought it off her for some ice cream (she didn’t even negotiate the number of scoops), but it wasn’t as juicy as I had hoped. The rest of the evening passed pleasantly, and Maddie even broke tradition and didn’t sleep on top of me all night. I really have no idea what Ali was so worried about.

The next day, I took the girls to a local castle (yes, there is a castle in Indiana. Who knew?!), which was hosting a Renaissance fair. The girls were so excited. It is rare that I can get them both excited about the same thing at the same time. Super win for this mom! They immediately rushed up to the White Queen and Red Queen before Maddie backed away, suddenly shy (reminiscent of her kindergarten open house).

We moved along to watch some ax-throwing, jousting, blacksmithing, and archery. The girls were interested but much preferred the participatory activities such as sword fighting (with padded bats, Ali), racing across the troll bridge, searching for fairies, and exploring the castle. They also got to dance their first maypole dance! We topped off the day with a Punch and Judy puppet show, which had us all in stitches.

On our way out, Maddie accidentally hit Riley with a wooden sword. A giant goose egg immediately formed on Riley’s forehead. All the medieval characters fawned over her, and I think she rather enjoyed the attention; the tears didn’t last long. The queens consoled Riley, and Maddie finally felt comfortable enough to approach them.

We listened to Roald Dahl’s The BFG on the way home, and the girls settled into giggling about whizzpoppers all the way. It was a long, hot, and utterly satisfying day.

Sunday was a lazy day. We couldn’t even muster enough energy to play for more than 15 minutes in the park!

It was a really great weekend. I only used the girls’ middle names once each. And I learned something about each of them. Riley gets into a lot of scrapes but is darn near indestructible, and Maddie can be bought with ice cream.