Mother-Daughter Days

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end. Riley wrapped up summer camp on Friday, and Maddie wrapped up her tenure as a preschooler (sniff, sniff). Both girls are ready for the start of school on Wednesday. School supplies have been bought, we’ve dug around and found their tennis shoes for gym class, and lunch menus have been determined. We are on top of it. This last week we also wrapped up a last-minute request of Riley’s – a mother-daughter day.

Riley and I have historically had mother-daughter days on random days that school has been closed. With daycare always open, it was a good opportunity to spend some one-on-one time together. With Maddie entering kindergarten this year, those opportunities won’t be available anymore. So, when Riley requested one, I eagerly agreed.

Of course, two daughters means two mother-daughter days. Luckily, I was feeling good about vacation days and took off two consecutive Mondays to accommodate the request. Riley’s day was first, and she set to creating an agenda right away. She cycled through many, many activities, and I was with her until she turned to Maddie and announced that she was invited.

Wait, I argued, that’s not a mother-daughter day. That is just like another weekend day.

Riley rebutted that it was rude to leave Maddie out and she was also my daughter. After several hours of negotiation over many days, we came to a compromise. The mother-daughter days would be one-on-one in the mornings and all of us in the afternoon. However, the daughter whose day it was got to be in charge of the agenda and the other daughter could not complain.

When Riley’s day came, she was ready and excited. The agenda began as soon as we got back from dropping off Maddie. First, we made breakfast together. Then nail polish, hair, and make-up. When she was looking her best and feeling very much like a princess, we had to take the dogs for a walk around her kingdom. After our walk, we were off to the mall to find a first-day-of-school outfit. I was prepared to buy her something from her favorite store, Justice, for the first time.  We were disappointed, though, to find that our location was no longer open. Not to be deterred, we wandered to Old Navy, where she spent the next hour trying on clothes in the fitting room. As I was counting how many hours I was going to lose to fitting rooms over the next ten years, Riley was in heaven. It may not have been my idea of fun, but it was hard not to enjoy her delight at this new experience.

After she picked the perfect outfit, we were off to pick up Maddie for some bowling. Two games of bowling later, we headed out to meet Mom and Dad for ice cream. Ice cream then led to Barbie playing at their house. It was quite the full day.

Not to be outdone, Maddie also organized a full day. Hers included buying a first-day-of-school outfit, looking at puppies in the mall, visiting an actual candy shop for the first time, lots of playing at the mall play area, watching the Lion King in 3D, and dining at Red Robin. Out of all of that, her favorite was the candy shop.

The girls certainly lived their best lives on the respective days, and although I am still recovering from the exhaustion, I was happy to have the quality time with each of them.