Mother-Daughter Competition

Story and I are competitive. Many may think it isn’t a good idea to compete with your child, but I find we derive great joy from trying to outdo one another. Granted, it can get tense sometimes, but that’s only because she has difficulty losing. We’re working on it. 😉

This past week, Story discovered fan fiction. She practically lives the Wings of Fire book series at the moment, investing any spare moment in not only reading but also analyzing the story and drawing her own versions of the characters and scenes. When she found out she could also create her own stories using the characters, she almost lost her mind with excitement.

She sat down to write. After just a few minutes, she had a prologue. She asked me to read it. Of course, I’m all for encouraging anything to do with literacy in this house, and I agreed with enthusiasm. After, I sat stunned for a few moments. It was good. No, it was incredibly good. And coming from an almost-fourth-grader, it was phenomenal.

Yes, I am absolutely biased, but I’m also a pretty darn good editor and understand very well the signs of good writing. The girl has talent.

I took Story step by step through what made her writing stand out and offered a few suggestions. (I can’t help myself! Editor, remember.) She was happy that I was so proud of her, but I don’t think she understood that what she had going on here was special.

Later, after bragging to everyone I know about her, I began to get that competitive itch. I could not have written something like that at nine years old. And all I’ve ever wanted to be was a writer. She doesn’t care to be a writer; she just likes telling stories. It is hardly fair that someone can have the talent but not the desire. Hmph. I stewed on this for a while.

Story snuggled up to me that night and asked, “Am I as a good a writer as you?”

“No,” I said. “You are a better writer than I am.”