Our Last Preschool Graduate

Wednesday marked the last preschool graduation that Lesley and I would attend (until the girls have kids anyway), and I have to say it was the hardest. Story’s preschool graduation marked the beginning of the girls growing up, but Maddie’s marked the last of their little kidhood. They are officially all elementary schoolers. No more diapers, no more large mom bags on outings, no more naptimes, and now, no more preschool.

Maddie was just as excited as Riley was to graduate. Her class had two Spanish songs and one class song, all of which she practiced daily. She practiced so much that Riley and I both sang all of the songs while doing our mundane tasks each day. She was ready for her performance and more than ready for the day.

When the morning came, I was surprised when she opted out of a fancy outfit and headed to school in her play clothes. That surprise was short-lived; my mom texted, after having picked her up, that she needed her dress. Of course, she hadn’t picked out a dress, so I brought her multiple options. Like the star she is, or thinks she is, she carefully went through the options before landing on the final one and retreated to the back of the preschool to finish getting ready.

Riley was ecstatic to see a reunion of her graduating class there to cheer on their siblings. Maddie was ecstatic to see that her grandma, grandpa, Lesley, and Story made it. Story hardly remembered the building.

When the procession started, Maddie walked down the aisle confidently and took a seat next to her best friend. When her lead teacher chose her to lead the class in the pledge, citing her leadership skills, I welled up for the first time. When they showed her class video montage, I welled up for the second time. So did Lesley. When Maddie nailed her Spanish solos, my parents grinned with pride. Maddie has grown so much.

After the ceremony, Maddie chose to go to Red Robin for her celebratory dinner. A girl after my own heart. We enjoyed our french fries and the festive occasion, but that night, I enjoyed, most of all, an extra-long snuggle time with the graduate.