On Top of Old Smoky

Well, our annual NHN vacation has come to an end. This year, we visited the Great Smoky Mountains. We felt on top of the world in every way. And now, well, we’ve come back down. I should have written this before we left, because now all Ali and I can think about are our to-do lists, prepping the girls for summer camp, and the pile of work that is waiting for us in the morning. The mountains seem but a dream, but it was a darn good one! A few highlights:

  • Ali actually gave us permission to eat breakfast food for dinner, but all the pancake places (and there were a lot!) closed at 2:00 p.m.
  • I faced my fear of heights way too many times.
  • For the first time ever, we vacationed without lists. The jury is still out.
  • The girls had very few fights and played together very well, even during the car rides.
  • We visited a swimming hole; this was Story’s favorite part of the vacation.
  • We climbed (well, walked, but it felt like climbing) to the highest point of the Smoky Mountains.
  • There were roosters everywhere.
  • Ali yelled, “Give her the muffin!” and it became the quote of the day.
  • I yelled, “Children are dumb!” in a tram car full of people. I was under a lot of stress.
  • Our navigational guide tried to kill us.
  • We rode bumper cars on ice.
  • We did not get eaten by a bear; this was Maddie’s greatest fear.
  • We took a ghost walking tour, and Ali’s EMF reader went nuts.
  • Ali finally understands why I think spiders are aliens.
  • Maddie learned about moonshine and CPS.
  • Riley perfected her gorilla walk and had the girls in giggles.
  • We visited a place that served ice cream on donuts. Need I say more?