Turning Five

It’s been a crazy week. On top of preparing for new flooring, Lesley and I have been planning and preparing for our first Terrari and the Fairy private party booking. Oh, and also two other T&F events. Not to mention all of the other typical life things that we somehow manage to get done in a week. The craziest part of the week, though, happened yesterday. Maddie turned five.

I was prepared for a lot of age-related changes for Maddie this year. She will graduate preschool and start kindergarten. Preparation aside, it didn’t hit me till Thursday night while we were snuggling that it was one of my last times snuggling a four-year-old. What will it be like when I don’t remember what that was like at all? I stayed up a little late that night trying to soak it in.

The next night, we took Maddie’s friend out to the mall for some Build-a-Bear fun. It was Maddie’s idea instead of a crazy party. In addition to Build-a-Bear, they enjoyed eating pizza at Azzip Pizza and playing the many claw machines in the mall. To my surprise, they actually won four items from the claw machine. While Riley, Maddie, and Maddie’s friend pranced around the mall, holding their Build-a-Bear boxes and admiring the shiny items in Claire’s, I couldn’t help but feel like I was watching the precursor to her too-fast-approaching pre-teen self.

The next day was family party time. Two of them. First was cake and presents with Grammy and Grandpa and then off to Lesley’s for the NHN side of the celebration. Maddie thoroughly enjoyed both. Her theme this year for her cake was Beanie Boos, a long-lived love of hers and the only thing she asked for for her presents. To be precise, she asked for 100 Beanie Boos. She received several at the first celebration, one being on top of the cake, and collected more at the next. Story’s delivery of the presents was by far one of the highlights of the night. She hid them all in clever places and wrote truly great clues for Maddie to follow to find them. She was inspired by what her grandma does for her at Christmas time. It was a lot of fun, and I was glad she shared that with us.

In total, Maddie netted 10 Beanie Boos, which Lesley explained was one zero away from a hundred and a zero is actually nothing, and so Maddie was satisfied that she had indeed received 100 Beanie Boos for her birthday. In addition to the Beanie Boos, she also received my personal favorite present of the day, a stapler from my mom. A gift inspired by my mom’s horror that there was a house without a stapler.

The only downside of all the birthday celebrating was that Maddie was suffering from a pretty wicked and draining cold. She spent Friday with my mom instead of at school because of it. When I checked in with Mom to see if Maddie was still up for the mall that night, she responded that she had asked Maddie and Maddie, with a hint of a grin, responded that she could handle it. Handle it she did.