Let It Begin!

It has been a rough month. But, the storm that was May 2019 is finally over, and this weekend marks the start of summer. My favorite season. The pools are open, Riley and Story are out of school, and the warm weather is upon us! This summer brings particular excitement as it will mark the end of my hour-long drop-off commutes (provided no more roads close) and will see the last daycare payment. I say, let it begin!

Yesterday, the girls and I made our way out of town on the familiar route to the lake house. Our first official swimming visit of the summer. The summer smells were all there, and although the water was a touch too cold for me to swim, we accomplished all of the activities we wanted to do. Riley made great strides in her kayaking abilities, and Maddie played with a good friend whose family has a place a few houses down. Mom and I got to chat, and Dad was in a great mood. A great start to the lake season.

In two days, Lesley and I will embark on our fifth NHN family vacation. It is by far the least planned vacation that we have ever been on. We don’t have a concrete list of things we want to do and no packing list has been made! Lesley didn’t even have an audiobook picked out. Whatever will we do?

Have fun and let the summer roll. That’s what!