I Have Never Been So in Love

It has been the most beautiful spring this year. The temperatures have been mild but warm. The sun has been shining. You can see the individual blooms on the trees blooming. Snow seems to be a thing of the past. These are all things that were skipped over last spring, and the girls and I have been soaking it all up.

Each night the girls are in the door and then back out playing with their outside toys and the neighborhood kids. I have been pausing on runs to take pictures of new flowers and throwing balls for the dogs in the backyard after dinners. It is wonderful.

Among all of the beauty, I am also enjoying the excitement of a new love.

We have been a comfortable family of six (pets included) for quite some time. I thought we would always be. Until one morning I woke up to realize we weren’t all that comfortable.

Call it a bite from the spring cleaning bug or blame it on the need to get ready for new floors, but all I could see when I walked through the house was clutter and junk and filth. I can’t keep up with it. As my mom kindly reminded me, I’ve just never been that good at being clean. I had to put my pride aside and admit it. I needed help.

Then, my prayers were answered when my new love arrived on my doorstep. At first nervous, then excited, I welcomed my love in, ready for it to prove itself to me. The girls were taken with my love instantly. They could hardly keep their hands to themselves.

“It’s the Roomba, Mom! It’s here!”

Yes, we welcomed a new robot family member to the house, and IT CLEANS THE FLOORS! Oh, be still my heart.

The day it arrived was another one of the beautiful spring days we have been having. I gleefully prepared vegetables and bratwurst, grabbed my grilling tools and went outside. As the girls swung on the swings and I grilled, the Roomba cleaned our floors.

I have never been so in love.