No, Mr. Ross, Not Everyone Can Paint

Throughout her life, Maddie has had a collection of daycare teachers she adores. The latest of those teachers has taught her to embrace all things ’90s. They play Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she listens to ’90s music, and she thinks Bob Ross is a world-famous painter. Maddie loves all of it, and it has been fun watching her embrace new things.

With luck, Netflix recently added old episodes of Bob Ross, and Maddie and I have enjoyed watching them in the evenings. Not having watched Bob Ross when I was little, I didn’t fully know the wonder of his painting. Now I know. He is amazing! He makes the painting look so simple and is so encouraging that he makes you feel like you actually might be able to do it. We had to give it a try!

Feeling up to the challenge, Lesley and I started planning a Bob Ross painting night for the family. We gathered the supplies, made the easels, and picked the painting. Then re-picked the painting a few times until we landed on an “easy one.” The night was set up perfectly.

The canvases, however, took a quick turn from perfect as we started. Lesley and I quickly realized that Mr. Ross was not at all encouraging. In fact, he was mocking us as we made more and more of a mess of his happy trees. He is, in fact, a sadist and a clever one.

Our pictures may have turned out truly terrible, but the evening was fabulous. The girls finished up their paintings early, played for a little bit, and then turned to terrorizing us, as usual. Somehow by the end of the evening, we all ended up on my smallest couch watching Nailed It and giggling.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect evening.