Mom, Are Those Parents Dead?

As Lesley mentioned a few weeks ago, both of my girls still sleep with me. It’s getting to be a tight fit, but I can’t really imagine it any other way. Their leaving the bed will be a transition for all of us. Aside from the comfort of routine, there is another reason they still sleep with me. I am terrified of waking up in the middle of the night with one of them staring at me. I used to think I was neurotic. Then Maddie started to talk and I learned about her dark side. Her newest obsession further proves my fear.

One Sunday night a few weeks ago, we were observing our normal routine. Riley was playing Roblox on her computer, and Maddie and I were snuggling on the couch watching TV. As usual, Maddie was bored of all of the things on Netflix, and somehow I convinced her to give the Disney Tarzan movie a try. She wasn’t impressed until a scene came on that piqued her interest. It was the scene where the tiger comes and kills Tarzan’s parents. In the Disney version, they show bloody footprints and the parents’ legs show from behind a curtain. All of a sudden, Maddie sat up and insisted I pause it. Like any parent would be, I was ready to talk to her about the horrible death and console her.

“Go back,” she said.

I was confused. Go back to when the parents were alive? Was the scene too difficult for her to process? I asked her questions to clarify.

“No, Mom. Go back. I want to see the dead parents again,” she replied.

Horrified and unsure of how to react, I went back to the scene. She watched that scene five times before I finally made her stop. She was enthralled with the dead parents, and it was all she remembered from the movie. The next week, she did the same thing with the scene in Hotel Transylvania when the mom dies.

Shocked and troubled, I was sure that I would need to shell out some serious cash for her therapy in the future. That was until I had a conversation with my coworker. She and I share a fascination with serial killers. Okay, okay, I shouldn’t judge I know, but Maddie’s four! Anyway, I enjoy learning about serial killers because of the psychological aspect. My coworker gravitates more toward the forensics and the story the body can tell. When she talked about it, I realized that this interest of Maddie’s may just fall under this same category. She may very well be a doctor! Or even more intriguing, she may be a forensic scientist!

Until we find out, I prefer to keep her close at night.