An Unplugged Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was our first staying in my grandpa’s house without him there. About a month or so ago, he moved into a retirement home, leaving the house empty. Well, not empty. All furniture and belongings are still in place. It was a bit strange to be there without him. Adjusting to a different house dynamic was all I was hoping to encounter this trip. Then, on the day of our trip, my mom told me that the cable and internet had also been turned off.

I should begin by saying that I am not a Thanksgiving person. The food isn’t my taste, and all the sitting around makes me want to run in circles. Cable and internet are the only things that can save a person on a dreadfully dull day like Thanksgiving.

Or so I thought.

The day began with our annual Turkey Trot (my favorite part of the day), and it was a lovely race. I broke my personal PR and so did Riley and Maddie in their mile run. After the race, we stopped to see my grandpa and then headed back to the house. My dad, not being occupied by football or any other TV show, had gotten Dunkin Donuts and ingredients for me to make queso. The girls gobbled up the donuts, and I got to work making that delicious cheesy dip. Then, we played.

We played Monopoly. We played cards. We played all the board games we packed. In between games, we ate queso and Riley read books. When the cousins arrived, the kids continued to play, and I got to work on my crochet. There was no background noise from the TV. No one was distracted while we played. No one’s face was buried in a cell phone. And after the Thanksgiving dinner, we came back to the house and did it again.

Bedtime was early that night. We were all pretty exhausted from our day of fun and relaxation. All Thanksgivings should be unplugged.