The Wiggly Tooth Adventure

Last Saturday began like any other Saturday morning. Riley woke up before all of us in hopes of being allowed to play games on my phone while Maddie and I slept in. While she took herself to the bathroom, I readied the phone in hopes of at least another half hour of sleep. But, instead of requesting the phone when she returned, she had another request.

“Feel my tooth, Mom. Is it wiggly?”

It wasn’t a request that was too out of the ordinary. She has asked me at least once a week for the past year if her tooth was wiggly. By now, most of her classmates have lost one or two teeth, and she has been anxious to join them. Until now though we have only had false alarms. No real wiggly teeth.

So I reached over to give the obligatory wiggle, ready to go through the motions and get back to rest. To my surprise, it wiggled!

“It’s wiggly,” I said, sitting up.

“It’s wiggly?” she answered, getting more excited.

“It is!”


It was all excitement from that point after, and of course, Riley being Riley, there was a list of things that needed to be done. First on the list was separating her new bag of Halloween candy from a Girls, Inc. event the night before into candy she could eat with a wiggly tooth and candy she could not eat with a wiggly tooth. Then, she proceeded to the kitchen to examine the food we had and what her wiggly tooth would tolerate. All the while she worked on wiggling it back and forth, determined to further loosen it.

By her one o’clock piano lesson, that tooth was holding on by a thread. Of course, a tug-of-war game as she pretended to be puppies with Maddie had a lot to do with it.

To her delight, the tooth came out at the park around 3 pm that afternoon. To my horror, she remembered an offhand comment Story made to her when Story began losing teeth years ago. If you write a letter to the tooth fairy, you can request a toy instead of money. It may take Riley two weeks to write her thank-you notes after a birthday but that letter to the tooth fairy was done in less than 10 minutes. Not to be left out, Maddie added her signature for future reference.

Now, how in the world was I going to get a toy in the next six hours under both girls’ watchful eyes? Even Amazon isn’t that good. But, Lesley is! I sent an SOS text, and Lesley was on it. By nightfall, she was at our door with a carefully hidden toy and a $1 gold coin, a tradition that she has for the loss of a first tooth.

Not surprisingly, the girls wanted to go to bed at least two hours before time, and I was not going to let that opportunity pass. Off to bed it was. I explained to Riley the new tradition of the gold coin, and even in her excitement, she was still able to drift off to sleep.

It had been a full day, but I lay awake for awhile unable to find sleep. It was exciting getting to be the tooth fairy for the first time, but even more so, I was excited about the new traditions that Lesley and Story had added to the celebration. They certainly made the day even more fun.

Now I just need to stock up on small toys.