Texting with Story

I have to admit, when Lesley told me that she was getting a cell phone for Story’s birthday, I had my reservations. The world is a scary place online these days, and even though all of our girls have access to electronics, they have not yet had access to a platform that could post their thoughts to the whole world. I know Lesley is no fool and would never give Story that kind of access even with a smartphone in hand. Still, she’s one step closer to that world, and it’s scary.

All doubts I might have had swiftly left the first Friday Story had her phone and I received my first text message from her.  At first, I just stared at the phone a little unsure of what to do. This was very new. Sure, Story had texted me before from Lesley’s phone, but this felt different. It was not parent provoked or monitored. Lesley wasn’t on the other end of the phone this time. It was just Story.

After I answered, we spent a good part of the evening exchanging jokes. Story would text a riddle made of emojis, and I would have to guess. They were all super creative and hard! I didn’t even come close to guessing any of them and had to call in Maddie and Riley for help. I sent her back some standard jokes that fell pretty flat but in the end got some laughs. It was fun, not scary at all. I am not 100% on board with the cell phone idea, but Story now has access to all her favorite adults, and I am loving being one of them.

Best of all, it drives Lesley crazy that Story can talk to me direct without her knowing the content of the conversation. Anything that drives Lesley crazy is one of my favorite things. Did I mention Story sent me a selfie before she sent one to Lesley? Mom 2 for the win!

I look forward to many, many more one-on-one conversations with Story and hope that she will call or text anytime that she needs anything. Of course, over time that anytime will start to be later and later at night. Still, I’ll answer every time.