Introducing our new adventure

Lesley and I are both very busy women. We are both single moms, hardworking breadwinners, housekeepers, pet owners, and prioritize time for family and friends. Some days it is hard to fit in everything that needs to be done. How we find ourselves in any conversations about wild schemes that will take up even more of our time, I don’t know. Still, we always do. I blame Lesley, of course. After all, if it weren’t for her, NHN wouldn’t be. This weekend, we introduced yet another adventure into our lives. Welcome, Terrari and the Fairy.

Terrari and the Fairy is a traveling terrarium bar. What is a traveling terrarium bar? The bar provides you a choice of glassware, rocks, soil, plants, and decorations, and you get to decide how you put together your terrarium. It’s a super fun activity for birthdays and special events. What better party favor than your own terrarium?

The idea came to us while in Michigan this summer. We visited a lovely establishment that sold many cool things but also had a station where the girls were able to build their own terrariums. The girls had so much fun, and so did we. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring that to Bloomington, we thought. And so we started planning. What we discovered while we explored our idea was that terrarium building is in Lesley’s blood, and the supplies needed fit in really well with her love of yard sales. I got to develop plans and dole out long, long to-do lists. We have found an activity that fits us both!

When Lesley was forwarded an email about a Fall Festival at Story’s horse lesson provider looking for vendors, we knew it was time to try it out. So, we kicked ourselves in gear, got the website ready, and figured out what a good booth setup would look like. We both were a bit anxious about what the turnout would be and if people would actually be interested. Both were a success!

PALS had a wonderful turnout for their festival, and our booth was a great success. We met a lot of really fun people and had a great time watching them enjoy making their terrariums. Many business cards went home with individuals and organizations interested in bringing the bar to their special events!

Here’s to a new adventure!

Note: We also got to work with XOXO Press again on the logo. It was fun to collaborate again!